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Bike Sharing in Boston

Bike Sharing in BostonThe city of Boston is hoping to launch a bike sharing program in 2010.

The plan includes creating between 1000 and 3000 bicycles at stations 300 or 400 yards apart.  The stations would be at T (subway) stations and bus stops, squares, and tourist areas.  You could either become a member or pay daily for as low as $2.50 a day.  That's cheaper than a round trip ride on the T these days!

In the Request for Information issued last summer, it also said that it would create at least 50 green jobs in Boston!

Boston also has a "bike czar" hoping to make Boston a city that's easier to bike in.  Because of the snow, we have lots of potholes, and the narrow streets that are nothing more than paved cow paths.

Bike sharing is happening all over the world. I'd really interested in seeing how this all works out in Boston!