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From Bottles to Backpacks!

Askok and TristinAskok and TristinTristin and Tyler have met some amazing upcyclers and recyclers while going on their fun NYC adventures, and meeting Ashok Kamal of the company Bennu was no exception! In the next episode of "Tristin and Tyler's Tales from the City!" the boys meet one of the owners of a cool NYC company taking huge strides in the fight for green! 

Bennu is a company that makes numerous products including t-shirts, iPad cases and more using sustainable practices.  Tristin and Tyler were so amazed to learn that a plastic bottle could be turned into a backpack!  Ashok taught Tristin Bennu's step-by-step process by having the boys draw a fun diagram.

One of the best parts about Bennu is that they spend a lot of time working with and in support of children.  They even had a contest where they asked students to design a green-centered logo that would be used on a limited edition backpack.  Students submitted their designs and Bennu's fans on Facebook voted for their favorite!

I love that Tristin and Tyler get to meet company's like Bennu that care so much about the future. The future of our children, and the future of our environment.  It doesn't get much better than that!

Make sure to check out this episode, and check out Bennu at