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Boycotting BP

According to in regards to BP's oil spill cleanup "efforts" --  "BP has been quick to publicize the enormity of its response efforts. By their own estimates, they are spending 6 million dollars per day. Contrast that number with their average daily revenue of 654 million dollars (during 2009). They're spending less than 1% of daily revenue on their cleanup efforts!"  

Come on, BP.  You can do better than that.

This isn't even the first time we've seen BP being careless with our environment.

It's time to find a new place to fill up your tank.  

The following are the brands to avoid:






I've also heard that Safeway and Costco get their gas from BP, but I haven't found any definite answers on this, so if you tank up at either of those places, you may want to find out if that's where they get their gas from.  

Join the Facebook group to boycott BP.

Still unsure about wanting to boycott BP?  Look at this picture of a poor pelican.  :-(


Boycott BP? Do you have a better suggestion?

Not having done my homework, I wonder if a BP boycott is the answer. Will we be supporting the Arab countries instead. Does anyone know FOR SURE who the AMERICAN COMPANIES are?

Boycotting BP

I guess the best suggestion would be to not drive at all, although it's not necessarily a realistic one.

In more recent research I've done, it seems that boycotting BP doesn't really make a difference, but it also seems that there aren't any reasonable alternatives.  Time Magazine posted an article a few days ago with both sides of the debate:


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