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Can You Recycle Wax Paper?

A few nights ago, we came across a sheet of wax paper in some food we bought.  My husband asked if it was recyclable.  I didn't think it was, but I decided to do some research to confirm.

The answer:  no, it's not.

Wax paper is considered "mixed paper" because it is paper coated with wax.  Other "mixed paper" products that can't be recycled are: milk and juice cartons, stickers, and plastic laminated paper (the kind of paper that wraps fast food hamburgers and the like.)

So, the question is...what can you do with wax paper?  Can you compost it?  Technically, yes.  It does eventually break down.  But the problem is that wax paper usually has synthetic additives (usually petroleum) you want that in your compost pile?  I don't think I do.

There are natural wax paper alternatives, though.  If you need wax paper to do baking, or if you want an eco-friendly solution to disposable sandwich bags,  try out the "If You Care" line of wax paper products.  Their wax is made of soybeans!  It's not recyclable, but it can be composted -- even better!