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The Cardeo Mobile: A Human-Powered Vehicle

cardeo mobileI've recently had the opportunity to correspond with Tacoe Bell, the inventor of the Cardeo Mobile, a human-powered vehicle that steers like a car.  

Read what Tacoe has to say about the Cardeo Mobile.  

How did you come up with the idea for the Cardeo Mobile?

A few years ago I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and my doctor suggested that I need some type of cardiovascular exercise. I was told that I need to walk, run, or ride a bike. Needless to say, none of those options were appealing to me. I began brainstorming and wondering what I should do and one night it came to me in a dream. A bike that had the same form and functions as a car. The next day I sat down and started to sketch out the rough draft of what is known as The Cardeo. After I was satisfied with the rough draft I began to construct and The Cardeo was born!

What kinds of features will the Cardeo Mobile have?

A body, 2 doors, a hood, a trunk, ragtop, 60/40seating, dashboard, center console, gauges, TV, stereo, side mirrors, 2 cup holders,and lights. It also has a middle child safety seat with safety harness built in. The commuter models have a rechargeable battery powered motor and throttle to help pedal up steep hills. They also have bumpers and a horn.

What is your background in?cardeo mobile

In high school I studied drafting and art. I took a liking to art which was a natural desire and ability. In college I studied mechanical engineering which fueled my desire to want to build and construct . As a child growing up, I always found a knack for constructing my own toys and enjoying the process of putting together creations to fuel my creativity.

How many have you made?

I have completed 1 which is the "Track" model. The "Commuter" model is currently under construction both are prototypes.

How fast can the Commuter Model go when in battery mode?

It have a top speed of no more than 40 miles per hour in the city and it will not be manufactured for highway use.

Can you use it in rain or snow?

Ideally, the Cardeo Mobile is considered a fair weather vehicle. I wouldn't suggest using the Cardeo under any conditions that you wouldn't use a bicycle in. Although, unlike a bicycle it has a cloth top to shed you from extreme sun, heat, and rain. If you're the type of person that would ride a bike in the snow, then I guess you would ride the Cardeo too!

Is it difficult to maneuver or move?

No, I would have to say that the Cardeo steers like a car but has the functional hand brake like a bike. The "Track" model would have a problem with climbing steep hills due to not having an motor, It would have to be hauled to a destination with flat ground. The "Commuter" model will be able to handle just about all terrains due to the motor. Once the battery has exhausted then you would still have the pedal power capabilities. The "Commuter" model will be used in day to day traffic like a car.

Any plans in the future for the Cardeo Mobile?cardeo mobile

Yes, I am in the process of trying to secure national if not global publicity in hopes of getting the attention of wealthy investors. With the idea, if enough people say that they like and want the Cardeo Mobile then, suitors wouldn't have a problem with investing money in the Cardeo to bring it to market.

What will the Cardeo Mobile cost?

The price for Cardeomobile track models (without motor) should run about $2500 to $3500. The Cardeomobile commuter model (with motor) should cost about $5000 to $10,000, depending on how it is equipped.

Is there anything else that you would like to include?

Yes, when the "Cardeo Mobile" is manufactured it will have many benefits to mankind. It will help to save our ozone layer by cutting down on air pollution. It will help many Americans by providing a cardiovascular workout. It is a clean green form of transportation. It will create thousands of manufacturing sales and service jobs. It will create a new product for the insurance and financial industry. Furthermore, the Cardeo is very cool!

Want to learn more about the Cardeo Mobile?  Contact Tacoe at [email protected].



Bell-West Enterprises, Inc. (a family owned, small business)

P O Box 411043

Kansas City, MO 64141


[email protected]

April 21, 2011

Dear Krissy:

Our family believes in Tory (Tacoe) Bell, and we are excited and proud of his accomplishments.  Even though neither he, nor our family realized it, (Tacoe) has been an inventor, artist, architect, engineer, graphic designer and the like since his teen-years, and he is about 45-years old now, and all his accomplishments have been "Earth Friendly". 

THANK YOU for this interview.  We believe (Tacoe) will be successful in this, and all his endeavors.


The Bell Family

Thanks for your comment!

Thanks for your comment!  It's exciting to hear about Tacoe's visions for the CardeoMobile.  With so many people wanted to save the planet and keep fit, I think there are great things in its future!  

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