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Cher and Stanley Tucci on Hybrids and "Curly Light Bulbs"

cher and the environmentWe love our Keen and Green celebs here, but Cher doesn't fit the bill.  She recently told Fox News that:  "I researched all the hybrid stuff and its pretty much all bullsh*t."  She does claim to be eco-friendly, however, saying, "I turn off the lights, we don’t use plastic bags. We’re probably not doing enough, but we started changing the bulbs to those curly bulbs."  Curly bulbs, you say?

Cher's Burlesque costar Stanley Tucci doesn't even like the curly bulbs.  "Don’t you hate those? Let’s face it - everyone looks like they have jaundice. They’re awful. I’m sorry, but they need to come up with something better. I’m very environmentally friendly, but the onus is always on the consumer. You’ve got to change every light bulb in your house, and you can’t really see anything and it is awful, then they come up with something else and you have to change it all again."  Poor, poor Stanley.  Changing light bulbs is so hard.  (Insert something like "how many celebrities does it take to screw in a light bulb?" here)

But that's not all.  Tucci goes on to agree with Cher about hybrids:  "If the stuff that’s there actually worked, like the hybrids, which are questionable at best. There is this huge promotion and then you look at the gas mileage… it is not that different at all. It just makes people feel better."

Ironically, Cher also says in the interview, that if she could change anything from her career she would "Shut my mouth.  I would shut my mouth a lot more than I have in my life."   Before putting their respective feet in their respective mouths, Tucci and Cher should have checked out CARB's vehicle comparison website to learn that hybrids are not BS.