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Chicago Metropolitan Area Green MBA Programs

Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana - the greater Chicago Metropolitan Area ("Chicagoland") - home the beautiful Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River.  The Chicago Area boasts huge forests and wilderness areas, natural mineral deposits, coastal sand dunes, and exquisite rocky shorelines. As the trend toward Sustainable Business Practices spreads across the country, it is no surprise that Universities in Chicagoland are jumping into the Green boat.  Green MBA degrees and graduate level certificates are offered through several universities throughout the Chicago/Great Lake region.  These MBA and certificate programs promote the concept of the "Triple Bottom Line:" that business success can be measured in terms of economic, environmental, and social success. 

Indiana University offers a certificate in "Social Entrepreneurship" that is completed in conjuncture with their full-scope MBA.  This certificate program is an interdisciplinary program out of the business school and school of public and environmental affairs, which "allows... students to groom their sense of social entrepreneurship and civic responsibility."

Benedictine University in Lisle, Illinois offers MBA's with concentrations in Sustainable Business or Sustainable Leadership.  These programs are designed to provide a unique blend of ethics, culture and values, team learning and leadership, emotional intelligence, strategic management, imagination and creativity, and systems thinking. They operate on the motto "we believe that success is measured by how you better the world and the lives of other people." They also offer a Sustainable Leadership and Business MBA certificate which integrates sustainability principles into traditional business models in order to maximize profits and decrease environmental impact.

The Illinois Institute of Technology in the heart of Chicago, Illinois, offers several interesting and innovative green graduate-level programs. They offer MBA programs with concentrations in "Sustainable Enterprises" and "Environmental Management and Sustainability." They also offer a joint MBA/MS in "Environmental Management and Sustainability."  These programs aim to give students competitive advantage by understanding how to support natural resources through sustainable management.  The unique MBA/MS combines law/policy, environmental science, and business management to provide specified training to those preparing for the new, green economy.  In addition to these MBA programs, IIT offers a joint JD/MS in "Environmental Management and Sustainability." In addition to the curriculum discussed above, graduates of this program will have the knowledge and skills to practice environmental law and understand public policy.  The Illinois Institute of tech also offers 3 graduate certificates: "Compliance and Pullution Prevention," "Sustainable Enterprises," and "Environmental Management and Sustainability."  These certificates require completion of 3 courses.

Another well-respected university offering a green MBA is Concordia University, in Mequon, Wisconsin. Concordia offers an MBA with a concentration in Environmental Studies.  In addition to traditional MBA coursework, students can study green sustainability, environmental chemistry, limnology (water quality), current topics in environmental studies, ecology and environmental law. 

The University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin offers a graduate certificate in "Business, Environment, and Social Responsibility."  This certificate "is designed to provide knowledge and skills in strategically applying business principles to environmental and social challenges and to prepare students to systematically integrate sustainability issues into day to day management decision making."