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Clean Tech Open

Clean Tech Open

As many of you know, because of comments made on Twitter, I attended an the Clean Tech Open Event in Palo Alto, CA.  Joining me was Mark and his wife Mary.  The event was a showcase for new clean technologies that are commercially viable and progressing in expansion.  To understand what Clean Tech Open is I brought in a description from their website.

"The Clean Tech Open is the world's leading clean tech business competition:

70 Semifinalists in 3 regions attend the Clean Tech Open Accelerator world class business training program, followed by two months of intensive mentoring.

12 Regional Winners each leave with cash/services worth at least $50,000 ... and meet in Silicon Valley, California for the National Finals.

One National Winner flies home with cash/services worth an additional $250,000.

That totals over $1 million in prizes, press exposure, access to capital, and extensive help in building your clean tech business.


Competition --> Great Things!

This seems like such a great project - competition + hard economic times seems to be the best combination for innovation.

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