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Cleantech 2012: Navigating the Future - An Environmental Business Cluster Event

The Environmental Business Cluster has a new industry panel entitled Cleantech 2012: Navigating the Future on December 7th.  The event is in Mountain View, California.   

Cleantech 2012: Navigating the Future

December 7, 2011  /  3:00pm – 6:30pm  /  Mountain View, CA
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There are eggshells across the cleantech industry for 2012 and the uncertainty is leaving many skeptical about the success anticipated for emerging technologies. The retreat of M&As and IPOs observed in the third quarter combined with a lack of seed and Series A financing rounds leave many asking the question: Where is cleantech headed? We have invited New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Greentech Media and cleantech startups Micromidas and Switch to discuss their outlook for 2012. Join us and be a part of this intimate and dynamic discussion.


Ravi Viswanathan, General Partner, New Enterprise Associates (NEA)
John Bissell, CEO, Micromidas
Thomas “Tracy” Bilbrough, CEO, Switch
Eric Wesoff, Editor-in-Chief, Greentech Media


Fenwick & West
Silicon Valley Center
801 California Street
Mountain View, CA 94041


For more information about this event please visit Cleantech 2012: Navigating the Future