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Cloth Diaper Myths

Myth #1: Cloth diapering is an all or nothing deal.
Reality: Not at all. Cloth diapering part-time makes sense for many people. Even if you replace just one disposable diaper every day with a cloth one, that is 365 LESS DIAPERS in the landfill. That is a huge difference. There are also hybrid diapers, which are cloth on the outside and use disposable liners. (Read here for more info on the types of cloth diapers)

Myth #2: Cloth diapering is expensive.
Reality: Disposable diapers are expensive! There is the initial overhead of buying cloth diapers, but since you can reuse them over and over again, you won’t have to spend money again on diapers in a while. Particularly if you use one-size diapers, meaning you can adjust the size to grow along with your baby. They can last for years! Check this chart out about the money savings associated with using cloth diapers.

Myth #3: Cloth diapering is gross.
Reality: Well, yeah, it is, but after a while you get used to it and it’s really not as bad as you think. Learn about storing and cleaning cloth diapers. 

Myth #3: Cloth diapers are cumbersome to put on.
Reality: Some do require pins and a little bit of assembly, but many new diapers are just as easy to put on as disposables, Velcro tabs and all.

Myth #4: Cloth diapered babies are more susceptible to diaper rash
Reality: False. It’s actually quite the opposite. According to a study, 78% of babies in disposable diapers get diaper rash, compared to 7% of cloth diapered babies.. In fact, the only time my 8 month old gets diaper rashes is when we’ve had to use disposables while traveling or at daycare.

Myth #5: Cloth diapers leak.
Reality: No more than disposables. You just need to find out which type of disposable diaper is right for you, which you can do cheaply by using a trial program

Myth #6: Cloth diapers are bad for the environment.
Reality: This is one argument I just do not buy. I think it’s a convenient go-to statement by people who want to be environmentally friendly but don’t want to wash poopy diapers. The studies that claim this are inconclusive at best, and many were funded by companies that manufacture diapers.

Myth #7: Cloth diapers are unsanitary.
Reality: DISPOSABLE diapers are more unsanitary! In fact, in most municipalities it is actually illegal to dump human waste in the trash cans, but people don’t adhere to this law when it comes to dirty diapers.

Myth #8: It’s too big of a hassle because I don’t have a washing machine and I do my laundry at a laundromat.
Reality: This is a valid concern. Many laundromats forbid you from washing cloth diapers there due to cleanliness reason. But never fear: there are options. You can find a service that washes your cloth diapers for you, or you could opt for a hybrid diaper with a disposable liner.