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Clothes Shopping the GREEN Way!

When it's time to update the ol' wardrobe, there are a lot of things you can do to keep "green" in mind. 

Look for:

Organic cotton.  Plain old cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops on the whole planet and over 10% of all pesticides sold go to the cotton farming industry.  Switch to organic cotton when you can!

Hemp.  Sustainable and durable, and contrary to what some believe, it is not smokable!  It can also be grown without pesticides.  Unfortunately, it can't be grown in the US, but you can get it from regions such as China, Eastern Europe, and Canada.

Bamboo.  While not the MOST sustainable, because it has to be shipped over from other places, primarily Asia, it grows super fast.  Sometimes it can grow a foot a day!

Jute.  It's a rain-fed crop that doesn't usually need fertilizer or pesticides.  It does have a similar problem to bamboo, in that it mostly comes from India and Bangladesh.  Burlap is often made from jute.  You can find clothes, belts, and especially shoes made of jute.

Clothes made of recycled materials.  Did you know that plastic bottles can be recycled into clothing?

Organic wool.  For wool to be certified organic, it has to be free of synthetic hormones, genetic engineering, and synthetic pesticides.  Learn more about organic wool.

Plant and vegetable based dyes and inks, as opposed to chemically dyed clothes.

Buying secondhand clothing is another way to be eco-friendly in your clothes shopping routine.  Clothing swaps are another option. I think this is a particularly good option if you have kids, because they grow out of clothes so fast.  And VINTAGE clothes are stylish!

Another tip is to try to avoid buying cheap clothes.  If you're on a budget, buy less clothes but of higher quality.  I actually stopped buying clothes from places like Target for this exact reason.  Most of their stuff doesn't last more than a season (and it's not actually that cheap, especially for clothes that isn't long lasting!) so it's really wasteful.