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College students get around thanks to... french fries?

If you really take a second to think about how many college communities there are across the country, chances are, your estimate will probably be lower than actuality. FYI- there are just under 5,000 higher education institutions around the US. Now, consider all of the students on each campus, whether they are commuting or living at school. A "small" school may hold somewhere around 4,000 students, and larger schools can hold students more than 15 times that amount. Think about all of the energy that is wasted through transportation at these schools, whether large or small. A majority of college students have cars, in addition, many colleges provide shuttle-like transportation to get around with less hassle.

It's unfortunate to realize how much energy is being wasted by all of these automobiles. Luckily, some colleges are starting to realize how terrible their fuels are for the environment. Roger Williams University, for example, in Bristol, RI has taken action and now reuses the canola oil used in the school Dining Commons (primarily from making french fries) to run their shuttles; this act alone makes a huge eco-difference. Using the renewable, recycled fuel instead of petroleum-based diesel releases up to 75 percent less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Compared to previous years, the University will use roughlyly 2,290 fewer gallons of diesel during the school year. Imagine if just a fraction of schools around the country utilized recycled fuel, like canola oil, the beenfits would be astronomical.

Taking steps towards utilizing new types of fuel not only will help sustain, and maybe improve our environment, but it will help us live better overall lives in the long run. Push for "reduce, reuse, recycle" on all levels, even around college campuses.


This is so cool

Wish more colleges did this.  with the amount of grease most college cafeterias use, it makes perfect environmental sense to fuel campus transit that way!

as a student who graduated

as a student who graduated from Roger Williams University i can say that this article is a JOKE.. the shuttles are never in use... worst investment ever for Roger Williams University... the shuttles always seem to be down for multiple reasons

shuttle use

Well, as a current RWU student who relies on the shuttles, they are constantly being utilized, on and off campus. Not only do they help out people like me who doesn't always have access to transportation, but they help out the environment too, that's no joke.

That's too bad about the

That's too bad about the shuttles, but I don't see how that makes this article a "joke."  It's reporting on the canola oil and the strides that RWU is making towards eco-friendliness, not remarking on the quality of the service.  Obviously, a useful shuttle service is important nonetheless, it's great to see colleges doing this sort of thing.

Duel use for oil

So cool that they are doing this.  I am sure they have a lot of canola oil for the shuttles-i can only imagine the amout of fries consumed!

That's really cool

I love to hear about things like this.  There's a farm/winery up in Ipswich, MA called Russell Orchard that uses oil from their cider donuts to run their tractors!

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