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Combatting the Water Waster

The bathroom accounts for over 70% of the water used inside the home; from extra-long shower sessions to a few too many full baths per week, it’s fair to say most of us are at least a little guilty of using water excessively in the bathroom. Although our habits may bring us those few extra minutes to relax or a more convenient experience, few people realise exactly how much effect they can have their water and heating bills. In this article we’ll be looking at a few of the bad habits many bathroom users have, and the quick and convenient solutions to change bad bathroom habits into a money saving and ecologically friendly attitude. 

Time is Money

It may seem a little obvious to say, but the longer our taps, showers and toilets are left running water, the more we are wasting and ultimately spending. Consider each feature in your bathroom and how you and your family use it; do you regularly let the tap run for the whole time it takes you to brush your teeth? Do you often take over ten minutes in the shower? Ask yourself if what you do is necessary, and the solutions will often reveal themselves. 

Another big contributor to unnecessarily wasted water that few people tend to realise is the older toilets of yesteryear; although their function may still be in working order, they likely lack the ‘dual-flush’ function that many modern lavatories have. In light of these bathroom blunders, here’s our list of changes to consider making to your habits, to help you reduce the amount of water and heating you use, as well as save money!

The first thing you should look into is installing water saving ‘add-ons’; if you are not looking to renovate your bathroom any time in the near future, installing a dual flush mechanism on your old toilet, aerating fixtures on your faucets and replacing old showerheads with saver saving alternatives all cut down individual water usage dramatically.

  • When brushing your teeth of shaving, shut the tap off until you need to rinse; leaving the tap on unnecessarily can waste hundreds of gallons of water per month, just think how that adds up over a year!


  • Limit yourself and kids to ten minutes maximum per shower, it may seem harsh, but extra-long showers can quickly wind up using more water and heating that a full bathtub.


  • Although it may seem a little odd, if you live alone you needn’t flush the toilet after every use in fear of offending a loved one! Try and cut back on the amount of flushes per day to save those pennies.


  • Be sure to check everyone in the house is sticking to the new rules, it’s all well and good making changes to your own habits, but if you’re just ¼ of the house occupants, it’s fair to say only ¼ of the home’s daily water usage will be reduced. 


Saving water in the bathroom is much easier than it may seem, by revising old habits and making small changes to fixtures, we can almost half our yearly water expenses.

This article was written by eco friendly blogger and environmentalist John Pauline. John recommends finding the best quality fittings and kitchen taps from Tapshop321 to save on waste water. Because high quality fittings insure fewer leaks and less waste in general.