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Common misconceptions about water

People believe there is enough fresh water and that all we need to do is ‘harvest’ it. We should remember that where water falls is not necessarily where people live or need it. Certain geographical areas have abundance, but we cannot utilize water everywhere, as usage depends on where people live, produce, and function. From

The biggest false assumption is that potable water has low cost or is free. The public expects clean and accessible water, at all times, takes for granted that water is being harvested, cleaned, filtered, pressurized, distributed, and delivered, without paying for the real cost.

Another misconception is that most people don’t think about water in economic or business terms. However the water sector is a business of $ 425 billions a year…

Called the "petroleum for the next century" our water infrastructure requires a significant investment. Water is a natural resource and we cannot make or produce it. On the other hand the demand for fresh-water continues to grow worldwide and water consumption is doubling every 20 years. By 2025, it is estimated that about one third of the global population will not have access to adequate drinking water. The water sector has been gaining attention by government, industry, entrepreneurs, and investors’ in the past few years and offers many opportunities for growth.

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