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Companies Seek To Reduce Packaging

Some of the most obvious and low hanging fruit for companies going green is package design.  The reason is simply a push and pull dynamic.  The public right now is pushing for more eco-conscious design and corporate responsibility in relationship to sustainability.  At the same time a rise in raw material, energy, manufacturing and transportation costs are pulling the companies bottom line down.  So, why not simply cut costs and appear more green?

Well, we here at do not really care too much about the reasoning, but do care about actual results and not mere green washing.  This is what you get when you reduce packaging so we are all for this new corporate practice.  So, let's support those companies reducing packaging.


Microsoft reduced their packaging for their latest Windows update, Windows 7, by focusing on three simple elements: simple clean design, easy to open, and reduce waste.  The official company blog reports that new case protecting is lighter and recyclable. The packaging has a 37% weight reduction and the econometrics score has improved by 50% over it’s predecessor.

Microsoft Reduces Packaging


Manufactuers of power saving plug in devices that tackle the problem of standby power have redesigned their packaging.  The packaging is designed by a leading European design firm, is restriction of hazardous substance directive (RoHS) compliant, and is optimized for retail display.  The packaging will also reduce the amount of plastic used.



Walmart, the leading retail giant of the world, is developing sustainable solutions to product packaging. The huge company is seeking to reduce packaging by 5 perent globally by 2013, eliminate PVC from private brand packaging and become packaging neutral globally by 2025.  This is probably the most significant effort since Walmart can have an effect on their 66,000 suppliers.

These are just three companies and I know there are so much more.  So please help complete this post and comment below with more companies reducing packaging.