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Contenders at Clean Tech Open Who Did Not Win


I was struck by how great some of the contenders were that did not win final awards at Clean Tech Open.  Below are some of the stand-outs in my opinion.  Check them out below!Pangreen Its great because they want to do something like Google mobile (including Transit), except with additional features that extend the "sustainability" aspect such as bicycle mode and business centric green information.  Also they are planning on schedule syncing, including sending alerts for the best time to depart for a trip in order to get there in time.

it moves Small 4-wheeled battery electrics for carsharing.  Advantage is a parking area that the service provider can supply(and negotiate with the city for) that can accommodate multiple of the little cars faced perpendicular to the curb.  Sounds like the quantity might be 3-4 cars in the space usually reserved for one regular car.

dot UI Providing a conduit between homeowners and service providers to the benefit of both.

Danfoss IXA CO2 and particulate sensors for industrial applications, like ships.  Important because of the degree to which we are just estimating and not measuring emission levels.  Anything that is estimated can be fudged, and fudged figures means inaccuracy in determining emission reduction.

tru2earth Converting water and soda bottles into 50+year rated roofing materials.