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Corporate Cash for Cleantech Event - 9/29/11, San Jose, CA

Silicon Valley's Environmental Business Cluster is holding a Corporate Cash for Cleantech event on September 29, 2011.    The event consists of an an industry panel focusing on big corporations seeking information on cleantech.  The discussions will include panelists from Chevron, EFT Energy, and more.  

"Our panel discussions are candid, interactive and informal," explains the Environmental Business Cluster. "We want you to walk away with the real story behind how things work so you can make it happen yourself."

The event runs from 3:00pm to 6:30pm at the Silicon Valley Capital Club.  (50 W. San Fernando Ave.  San Jose, CA 95113)

Interested in attending?  Enjoy 25% off the ticket price:

For more information on the event and the speakers, visit the Corporate Cash for Cleantech page on the Environmental Business Cluster's website.