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Costco and Unsustainable Fish

I love Costco.  I get my eye exams there, I love their Kirkland organic peanut-butter, I greedily accept all of their free samples, and I even own lots of clothes from there.  They also are known to treat their employees well and they also tend to donate money to Democratic candidates. That's why I was so disappointed to hear about all of the unsustainable fish they sell.  Unsustainable fish includes Chilean sea bass, orange roughy, grouper, and more.  AND, AND, AND...they tell their shareholders that they support sustainable seafood!  Bad Costco!

Greenpeace has launched a website and campaign to urge Costco to stop selling those types of unsustainable seafood.  With the amount of food that Costco sells coupled with the number of locations they have, if they stop selling those varieties of fish it will really make a big difference with the over-fishing problems.

Trader Joe's went under similar scrutiny and earlier this year they finally agreed to stop selling unsustainable fish by the end of 2012.  Let's hope Costco follows suit.  You can help by sending a message to the Costco CEO.  I am actually very optimistic that they'll listen to us, so reach out and contact them to put an end to this.  And once they do, my love affair with Costco can continue.