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Creative Ways to Eat Leafy Greens

People today are seen crazy about greens. Once you begin with your leafy green habit, you will never stop. The green is considered to be the most nutrient rich group found in vegetables with a number of benefits. The green leafy stuffs like chard, kale and collards have lots of absorbable calcium which is an important element for vegans. Besides, you will find the green leafy things rich in Vitamin, A, B C, along with Vitamin K. They are loaded with chlorophyll antioxidants which play a key role in fighting cancers.

These all provide you enough reasons to consume green in your daily food. But how to consume them is a big question, which is answered here in this article. Here you will find a number of creative ways of eating leafy green. The below is the list of top five creative ways of consuming leafy greens:

1) Try massaged raw kale

To begin with, simply rinse and strip from their stems and then chop it properly in bite size pieces. The kale shouldn’t be wet before you start, you can think of using salad spinner if you desire. Then put the pieces of kale into a bowl. Now rub these with small amount of olive oil on your palm massaging them for a minute or so. The pieces would become green and soft, now you can add them in any fruit or vegetable.

You can use these in any way you want. The better ways to try is to add these with stuffs like toasted or raw cashew pieces, dried cranberries, vegan mayonnaise, along with some amount of lemon juice. They will become irresistible. You can also try with stuffs like apples, avocado, pears, red cabbage, carrots, walnuts, pumpkin seeds etc. You can make these in good quality and preserve them in your refrigerators by dressing with some sesame-ginger, vinaigrette etc. and enjoy as and when required

2) Use leafy greens in smoothies and juices

There are couples of leafy greens which can be beneficial for this purpose. These include the spinach which can be used in juices and smoothies, which people hardly know about it. Trying collard and kale can be more effective but make sure you add very little of mild green flavors in your juices and smoothies. A perfect quantity is to add a handful or two big size spinach leaves in your juice or smoothie.

In the same way, trying two proper size collard or kale in your smoothies or juices in every serving can be a good idea. You will find greens blending easily with fruits like apples, bananas and pears. All you need is a good speed blender to crack the collards and kale while any normal blender is good enough for spinach.

3) Put hardy green with stir-fries

The best greens to employ are to try kale, lacinato, chard or collards. To start with, strip the leaves from their stems and slice it down thinly in a proper way. You will therefore get some thin and long ribbons which are required to be cut across to make them short. Make sure you add these to your veggie stir fries at the end; this will help you in cooking things fast. You can use these in things like cauliflower, celery, cauliflower, asparagus, carrots, green beans, stir fries broccoli etc. To add taste, try things like tamari, soy sauce and other similar things.

4) Try making soup

You enjoy different kinds of soul, but make sure the greener it is the more number of benefits you enjoy. Adding up the green leafy things in your soup can make it nutritious. If you are trying Italian soup, think of trying spinach and kale, they act wonderful in these soups and for Swiss chard can prove to be a perfect choice with vegan borscht. The mustard greens can add some magic to any dull and boring kind of soups and broths.

5) Using green leafy things in salads

Salads are considered to be revolutionary idea provided you look beyond lettuce to embark with brisk warm season salads. Try using a number of tender dandelion greens, tatsoi, mizuna and baby bok choy. Try a couple of baby green and some spouts to enjoy good taste and flavor. Plus by doing so, the salad becomes a good cleansing agent.

Considering an added number of benefits of green leafy things, you have enough reasons to consume them as much as possible. However, trying those old and obsolete ideas can soon make things bored and monotonous. The above five are some incredible and creative methods to consume green leafy things with ease and taste. Try them; they are worthy ideas to go with.