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Deer Hollow Farm, Los Altos - Keen AND Green

In the state of California, it is hard to turn on the news without hearing about more K-12 budget cuts. It is increasingly important that we find ways to continue to place environmental sciences at the forefront of classroom curriculum – after all, today's kindergarteners are tomorrow’s activists, business people, construction workers... you get my point. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jessica Morgan, director of Deer Hollow Farm, in Los Altos, California.

deer farm

About Deer Hollow Farm: Deer Hollow Farm is nestled in the beautiful foothills of the Los Altos Hills in the California Bay Area. The farm is dedicated to educating school groups, community groups, and the general public in the area of life sciences.

In any given year, the farm averages about 5,000 children from field trips alone (not to mention the weekend visitors). Curriculum varies for Kindergarteners up to 4th grade . Kindergarteners attend the “Farm and Garden” program and 1st graders, a program called “Fleece and Milk.” These programs teach general farming and the process from the animals and garden to usable, everyday products. (The photo above shows a demonstration of how to milk Luna the cow).

Second through fourth graders attend the “Life Sciences Hike” program. Students hike through the San Antonio Open Space Preserve to learn through hands-on exploration. Curriculum focuses on adaptation and life cycles of native plants and animals. “This class places strong emphasis on stewardship of the environment and our relationship to the natural world.”

They also offer spring farm tours for the general public which teach children (and caregivers!) about the workings of the farm and a chance to frolic with new farm babies. (Click here for more info)

deer farm

Why it's Keen AND Green: Environmental education is incredibly important. Children will not be motivated to act responsibly to protect the earth without having an understanding how things work and how human interactions influence the environment. Learning through experience is the best way to make an impact.

I can't wait to take my 2-year-old to the Spring Tour!