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DIY Solar Thermal Water Heaters

Installing solar panels seems like a great idea, but finding that spare $30k can be rough. Solar Thermal Water Heaters are a great alternative to installing a full photovoltaic solar panel system.

These water heaters will help greatly reduce your energy use. They are much smaller than a PV system, making them much cheaper. Also, converting the sun's energy into heat is much simpler than turning it into electricity. To have a solar thermal water heater installed, you will likely spend about $.

Better yet, companies such as Solar Roofs offer Do-It-Yourself Kits, which allow you to install your own water heater at a fraction of the price. Solar Roofs offers an easy DIY which includes the solar collectors, plumbing pieces, and fittings. Unlike other home kits, there is no soldering necessary. Most handy homeowners can install these babies with a simple wrench in 1-2 days.

Additionally, many states offer financial incentives for installing solar thermal water heaters, making them even more cost-effective.

Environmentalism isn't black-or-white; DIY solar thermal systems are a great way to do your part without breaking the bank.

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