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Do It Gorgeously: A Book Review

Do It GorgeouslyDo It Gorgeously

Sophie Uliano's Do It Gorgeously: How to Make Less Toxic, Less Expensive, and More Beautiful Products struck my eye at the library yesterday. I'm a sucker for books that claim they can help me green my home front, but most of them leave me disappointed. I've checked out far too many of these books and wasted far too many hours flipping through their chapters on using recycling bins and turning out the lights when I leave the room. I mean, my generation has been learning about recycling and conservation since elementary school. We don't need any more Love Your Earth 101 lessons, folks.

I hoped Uliano's book would be the green living guide I've always wanted to find: one that was quirky yet practical and spoke to those of us who already know to turn off the water while we're brushing our teeth. The cover looked promising: the front depicts a 1950s Ms. Susie Homemaker type, surrounded by her crafts, her canning, and a harmless African violet; the back has a picture of Uliano wearing a blazer on top of a flirty dress and knee high boots, skipping down a surburban sidewalk bordered with lush and varied greens. The contrast had me so intrigued that I grabbed the book and checked it out immediately.

The actual content of Do It Gorgeously met all of my expectations. Uliano divides her book into sections: making your own health and beauty supplies, making a green mark on motherhood, reusing/repurposing clothes, making your own kitchen staples, being a green DIY gal with home repairs, growing your own veggies and medicinal herbs, creating a greenly clean house, greening your pet care needs (dogs and cat only, though), and taking care of your mind/body/spirit in a green fashion. Each section is jam-packed with advice and recipes written in Uliano's girl-next-door tone. Reading her book was the equivalent of a Friday night gab session with the greenest friend you've ever had. 

Do It Gorgeously is the perfect compliment to both your keen and your green sides. Uliano makes everything sound so easy and her advice is, above all else, practical for those of us with hectic schedules and tight budgets. Stay tuned for my upcoming post, where you will see how Uliano inspired me to turn an old t-shirt into the comfiest pair of yoga pants--and that is no small feat for my non-sewing-machine-owning, non-home-ec-educated self. 


Sounds like a great book.

Sounds like a great book.  I'll have to check it out.  She also has a great website.  I just looked it up and spent some time poking around.

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