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Downsize Your Garbage Can

Here's a painless way to reduce one of your monthly bills and encourage a less waste-producing lifestyle: downsize your garbage can. 

A couple years ago our city introduced three sizes of garbage cans, with corresponding reduced prices.  The first is the standard size that we're all used to: 68 gallons.  When we were using disposable diapers for our daughter (I know, I know, so-not-green!), we needed this full-sized can, so we had to pay full price on our garbage bill ($55.84/month).  But once she was potty trained, we noticed we were only filling the can 1/2 way each week. 

So, we opted for the next size down: a 32 gallon can, at $26.05/month.  That's almost $30/month in savings!  We were really careful to recycle/reuse every possible item so that we didn't have too much garbage at the end of each week.  But, it didn't take long before we realized we weren't even filling the 32 gallon can all the way, so just last month we opted for the smallest size: a 20 gallon can at $16.16/month.  That's an additional $10/month in savings, meaning that we are saving $40/month on our garbage bill compared to using a standard sized cart.  And at 20 gallons (serving a household of 3 adults, 1 child, 2 cats and 1 dog) it keeps us super-vigilant about reducing our waste so that we don't run out of room in our garbage can.  Check with your garbage company to find out if they have smaller carts available.

Does your garbage company offer a similar program?

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