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Dunkin Donuts -- Ditch the Styrofoam Cups!

dunkin donuts styrofoam

I live in Massachusetts, which is Dunkin Donuts country.  While the affinity for a Dunkin Donuts cup of joe is strong here, Dunkin's commitment to the environment is seriously lacking.  Many of their hot coffee drinks still come in Styrofoam.

Starbucks hot cups are currently not recyclable in most places, but they are working to make them all recyclable by 2015.  Dunkin Donuts, you need to follow suit!  Styrofoam is horrible for the environment!  With the amount of hot coffee Dunkin Donuts serves on a daily basis, if they switched over to recyclable or compostable cups, this could be a big win for the environment.

What can you do?

- Bring your own coffee cup.

- If you forget your own cup, get an iced coffee instead.  Those cups are recyclable.  

Boycott Dunkin Donuts until they change their ways, as the author of Sustainable Times is doing, even though it may be difficult to curb those munchkin cravings.   I don't think this will have an overall impact, though, because they'll always have a steady flow of customers.  

- Contact Dunkin Donuts and tell them how you feel.   Encourage fellow eco-minded family and friends to do the same.  

- Blog, Facebook update, and tweet about it while tagging @DunkinDonuts.  Make your voice loud, help open other people's eyes, and if enough angry people are heard, maybe Dunkin Donuts will come up with a plan.  

- Join the Facebook page "Encouraging Dunkin Donuts to stop using 1 Billion styrofoam cups a year."  Not a huge deal, but it may help create awareness and Facebook campaigns have actually gotten results in the past.  (Betty White on SNL, Nickelodeon reviving 90s shows to name a few)