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Earth Hour is THIS Saturday!

earth hourWhat is Earth Hour?

Earth Hour is one hour of the year where people around the world will turn off their lights.  This year it is at 8:30 PM on Saturday, March 26, 2011.

When was the first Earth Hour?

In 2007.  It began in Sydney, Australia.  

Why do people do this?

It's to create awareness of global climate change.  

Who participates?

You'd be surprised how HUGE this is.  It's not just individuals and families.  Global landmarks participate including the Sydney Harbour Bridge, CN Tower in Toronto, the Golden Gate Bridge, Rome's Coliseum, and even the Empire State Building!

Who organizes Earth Hour?

The World Wildlife Fund.  

I work in the evenings.  Can I convince my manager to participate?

You sure can try!  The Earth Hour website offers guides on how to pitch it to businesses, including hotels, bars, and more.  Check it out.  

How many countries participate?  

128 countries and territories participated last year.

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