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Eco-Friendly Ink-Saving Fonts

When it comes time to print something, take fonts into consideration. Most people don't think about fonts, but certain fonts use more ink than others.  The smaller the surface area of the font, the less ink it uses.  The standard Times New Roman is usually a decent choice because the letters are thin.  There are even certain fonts purposely designed to use less ink!


Ecofont was developed by SPRANQ in the Netherlands.  It was made to reduce ink usage by containing tiny holes, which reduces the amount of ink needed by about 15% in comparison to the Vera Sans family, the font in which Ecofont is based.  When printed in smaller sizes, the holes can't be seen.

ryman eco

Ryman Eco, like Ecofont, uses less ink because of the white space in the font.  Ryman Eco a FREE font that uses 33% less ink than standard fonts.  When printed in smaller sizes, you can't see the lines, but this font actually looks pretty nice in a larger font.  

There are some fonts that you probably already have on your computer that use less ink.  The common fonts Courier, Garamond, and Century Gothic both use less ink than most fonts.  A lot of older fonts like Courier and Century Gothic use less ink because they were designed to save ink.

Next time you're at work and you need to print out documents, think about which fonts will save ink like the ones listed above.  And don't forget to print on recycled paper and recycle the paper after you're done!  

Share these tips with everyone at work and you'll be saving ink - which is better for the environment and it saves money, too!