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Eco Friendly Travel Tips!

Travelling abroad can be and in fact most often is, one of the most exciting and potentially inspiring things that any person could choose to do with their time. The intense mix of culture shock and in turn the feeling of being removed from your own comfort zone often than not leads to a very strange feeling of bliss and openness. For most of us going abroad is a break from work, home and normality, at a small price. But that price needn’t be forced onto the natural world as well, and it quite often is. For those of us who, whilst at home regularly use “mod cons”, heading away for a trip abroad can be a great excuse to cut back on expensive and environmentally damaging technology. By utilising your new found freedom to its full potential it can be incredibly easy to leave behind all the items and home comforts which make our lives easy and routine and in turn often damage the environment.

A great first example of things to leave behind is your vehicle.  A great many people now travel abroad via ferry and this often means using a car, others rent a car or van once they reach their intended destination. But by leaving their car behind most potential travellers will not only make their travels more environmentally friendly, but also experience a great deal more of their destination’s true culture. By utilising a foreign countries public transport and indeed, taking more time to walk from place to place it is practically guaranteed  that a traveller will pick up more of the language, see more of the landscape and discover more of the less obvious places to eat and drink that they would in a car.

Another great method for decreasing the potential carbon footprint of a trip abroad is to leave behind all those silly electrical items which we take for granted at home. I’m not suggesting that emergency phones should be left behind, but when it comes to iPods and pads, kindles, hairdryers, portable DVD players and in some cases even portable TVs there are huge savings in energy usage to made. Not to mention that if someone needs this entire list of technological comforts whilst going abroad for an exciting experience, they’re not even really leaving the house. Potential travellers should try to leave as many electrical items at home as possible and actually enjoy their new surroundings, in fact it’s best to try not to even charge your phone unless you need it for an emergency call. In this way any traveller or tourist will quite easily slip into the feeling that they’re really away, in a foreign land, experiencing something new. As opposed to waiting to go home and update their face book status.

In most cases there are ways to make travelling abroad a more ecologically friendly affair. Whether it’s booking with low emission airlines or buses, or simply leaving their tech at home it will not only make for a happier planet, but also a more interesting and enlightening trip abroad.

This eco-friendly travel article was written by eco warrior and travel enthusiast John Pauline. When leaving your car at home and travelling abroad John recommends keeping it safe and insured by using an airport car parking company. This means an environmentally friendly, culturally inspiring and anxiety free holiday.