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Eco-Friendly Ways to Give Gifts this Christmas

With Thanksgiving wrapping up, it’s now the Christmas holidays that we can start looking forward to! It’s that time of the year once again when we express are love and appreciation to friends and family. However as we enjoy the season of giving, let’s not forget about our responsibility towards nature by thinking of alternative ways on how to shop and prepare gifts without hurting our surroundings. Here are easy ways to do it.

On Greeting Cards

Cards remain to be classical items that we can send to loved ones. It’s true that e-cards are making waves these days, but nothing truly beats the authenticity of hand-held cards. Encourage your kids to join you in preparing holiday cards using recycled materials. This could be a really fun bonding activity with the kids that will bring out their creativity. It’s not only inexpensive; it’s also evidently something that the recipient will appreciate. Send this out to family and relatives, they’ll sure find your little ones’ creation delightful. If you want to skip the DIY process, make sure to shop for cards that are using eco-friendly materials. It’s also wise to get them in bulk, as this will give you savings in the long run. Just make sure you keep your extra cards for next year. Don’t throw them away; it’ll never go out of style anyway.


On Wrapping Gifts

One of the most exciting parts of gift-giving is preparing and wrapping the item. On the downside, it could be a time-consuming process and could even mean additional expense. The good news is, you can always channel your creative side and make use of old newspapers or magazines. Accentuate it with a ribbon and you instantly have your affordable, environment-friendly wrapper! If you opt to buy actual gift wrappers, make sure to be keen on using them. The little strips that have been cut out can still be recycled. You can use them as folds to add a little twist to your wrapper. 


On Shopping for Presents

Shopping for gifts could be very taxing, but at the same time it could be a lot of fun! But in doing so, always try to have a goal of avoiding anything that could be damaging to nature. For starters, always bring an eco-friendly shopping bag so you wouldn’t have to consume plastics or paper bags when you purchase the items. Choose gift that you know would really be used by the recipient or they might only end up being stored and eventually thrown to the garbage. 


On Gadgets as Gifts

Perhaps one of the most common gift items these days is a high-tech gadget. In the age of technology, it’s but normal to allow our loved ones to experience the wonders of it. For instance, a Kindle would be a great gift for you bookworm best friend, a senior-friendly phone that provides tailored service from providers like Great Call would be excellent for your retired dad, and a new Xbox 360 will sure be loved by your gamer little brother. However, before giving a gadget to anyone, brief them of their responsibility to dispose their old ones properly. Old, damaged chargers for example can be returned back to manufacturers as they know exactly how to get rid of them properly.