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Eco-Friendly Wine

making your own wineI'm a big fan of making things from home instead of buying them.  We've been into canning our own marinara sauce and jam and my husband is a homebrewer.  With the whole localvore movement, few things are more local than things you can make yourself.  It's nice to know exactly what goes into what you make (no sulfites, insecticides, etc.)  

Obviously, it has a much lower carbon footprint than buying something that comes from across the country.  Sure, you may love your Napa wines if you live in NYC, but think of how far it has to travel.  (Last year, Liz wrote a great post about wine.  I learned that living on the East Coast, I'm better of buying European wine than wine from California.)

With canning and bottling, you can reuse the same jars and bottles for years and years.  Think of all the waste it cuts down on!  

While we haven't made our own wine yet, now is the time of year to consider doing so.  In many parts of the country, early autumn is when grapes are ripening.  

Wine Maker Magazine has an excellent beginners guide to making your own wine.  You don't need to stomp on grapes like Lucy Riccardo, even though that would be fun. also has some good organic wine making resources. 

Not down with making your own wine but you still want to drink it in the most eco-friendly fashion?  If you want to buy organic, read this informative article from the Organic Consumers Association

As for local wineries, here's a guide to where local wineries are by state.   The guide seems to be a little out-of-date, so make sure the winery still exists before venturing there.  Local wineries can be particularly fun and you can find all sorts of wines from different fruits depending on your region.