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End of Lightbulbs

Could a product being exhibited this week at the CeBit 2009 annual gadget trade show signal the end for light bulbs? No, but it does come pretty darn close! Acer Inc., one of the world's top five pc branded vendors, is exhibiting a neat new projector that holds immense potential. The K10 mini projector is a small powerhouse, being able to project images on a wall with resolution of 2,000:1. The K10 does all this using LED technology! This causes the new projector to use up to 30 percent less power than traditional projectors.

The exciting thing that this product hints at is the ability to reliably produce significant light without the added costs and harmful environmental impact of replacement bulbs. The reason for this is the LED bulb. LED bulbs last on average 20,000 hours, making this products initial bulb the only one needed for its' lifetime. Also, the LED bulbs are free of toxic mercury and halogen vapors. By reducing the output of light it may be possible to extend the lifetime of the LED bulb. Future lamps utilizing this efficient technology then could only need one bulb for average lifetime use. While this technology does not end light bulbs it may signal the beginning of the demise of replacement bulbs in the near future. Not many will mourn the death.