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Extreme Solar Flares And Window Tinting Protection Against UV Radiation

The need for installing solar control window tinting to protect against harmful UV radiation has never been more urgent. 

In May 2013, the sun emitted three significant solar flares in under 24 hours, the final eruption in the trio being the strongest of the 16 flares seen this year with particles erupting at a staggering 745 miles per second. 

Extreme solar events are believed to occur only once about every 100 years. The current activity began in late 2012 with the sun’s 22 year magnetic energy cycle coinciding with its 11 year peak in intense sun spot activity. 

Records suggest that 1859 was the last time a huge flare affected the earth when eye witness reports claimed a large proportion of the sky was covered in a bright red haze.

Huge explosion on the sun 

A solar flare is a sudden eruption of intense high-energy radiation caused by a huge explosion on the surface of the sun. It is estimated that a magnetic area as large as 200 kilometres will produce an amount of ultra violet radiation directed towards the earth, the strength generated in just 5 minutes being equivalent to normal exposure to the sun for five hours. 

The consequences of  extreme solar events coupled with accelerated changes in climate behaviour has led concerned organisations, such as the South African Space Weather Centre to warn citizens of the increasing dangers of exposure to solar UV radiation. 

Increase in skin cancer 

With the hole in the ozone layer above the Antarctic reduced to the second smallest size in two decades, the deadly UVA radiation can more than easily penetrate the earth's surface, causing skin cancer and premature skin ageing. 

According to the World Health Organisation, “A marked increase in the incidence of skin cancers has been observed in fair-skinned populations worldwide since the early 1970s ... strongly associated sun exposure and its ultraviolet (UV) component.” 

Window tinting technology, now capable of extended solar radiation protection of 99.9 per cent, has increasingly been seen as essential health protection for countless numbers of people living and working in more exposed parts of the world. 

In countries, such as South Africa, located at decreasing latitude there is now a clear relationship between the rise in non-melanoma skin cancers and higher UV radiation levels. 

About the Author – 

Rico Lowe is the author of this post, and owner of Sola Tint and Style. His window tinting company is based in Johannesburg, but cover surrounding areas.