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First PC Mag Greentech Approved Netbook

The first PC Magazine greentech approved netbook is being released by Fujitsu.  The netbook is labeled the Fujitsu M2010 and is on the market currently.  The computer itself is sleekly designed with a ten-inch screen and a reduced keyboard size, but what makes this netbook green is its energy efficiency.


As I previously wrote, most netbooks are considered to be eco-friendly alternatives because of their low power usage.  The main reason for this is their minute size and processing power, exemplified by the common Intel Atom and VIA Nano processors.  Thus most netbooks meet the energy star efficiency requirements easily.  The M2010 is Energy Star compliant and EPEAT Gold and RoHS certified, but also earns PC Mag's GreenTech Approved seal for achieving a reading of 10 watts (4W below Energy Star's maximum), as measured with a P3 International Kill A Watt meter.  This makes it one of the most efficient computers on the planet.

Though, the Fujitsu M2010 may be a marvel in energy usage, its price tag may be a formidable obstacle.  The current pricing is set for $449.  This may prove sticky since many netbooks are much less expensive (the Acer I write this on was under $300).  Let's hope that in the second series of this netbooks Fujitsu is not only able to get these incredible efficiency ratings, but also reduce the price.