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Five Ways to Make Your Relaxation Routine Green

The world moves fast these days, which means that having a relaxation routine is vital if you want to feel refreshed and ready to take it on each morning. If you’re already living a green lifestyle, there’s no reason that this routine can’t be too! Here are five ways to relax in a way that’s both effective and earth-friendly.

1. Unplug

It’s almost impossible to feel relaxed with your cell phone buzzing beside you or your work e-mail ringing with each new message. In order to get the most out of your “you” time, turn everything off that will otherwise distract you or stress you out. There are plenty of good reasons for doing this too. For one, the LED lighting used to brighten these devices can interrupt your sleep pattern if you look at them too late, as light suppresses the production of sleep-inducing melatonin in the body. You can also cut down on your electricity usage and carbon dioxide emissions if you turn off your electronics for any period of time.

2. Move Your Workouts Outdoors

Clearly, going to the gym has its benefits. Exercising fights stress, keeps your body healthy, and boosts your mood. But hoofing it out on the treadmill eats up electricity when there are plenty of places to run that don’t require a plug. Next time you want to squeeze a workout in, head to your local park or simply step outside of your front door. Just 20 minutes of movement will have you feeling better, and you’ll save the 20 minutes of electricity required to use your normal workout machine.

3. Intensify Your Yoga

It’s common knowledge that yoga and meditation are both relaxing practices. In fact, many rehabilitation programs rely on them both to help patients feel at ease throughout what can be a tumultuous process. Clearly, going to a studio to do yoga or meditate can make you feel de-stressed, and for good reason. Studio owners spend lots of time making sure that their spaces exude the calm that patrons need to find inner peace. Interestingly, though, many of these owners look to the outdoors to find inspiration for what they put inside of their studios. Intensify your practice by taking it outside once in a while. You can find a greater sense of stillness as living things move and sway around you. You can also deepen your stretches, thanks to uneven surfaces like sand and grass that intensify your poses.

4. Burn a Candle

The soft flicker of a candle can naturally inspire us to relax and reflect. Light one as you partake in your nightly ritual to feel the effect, or one-up the feeling of relaxation by partaking in an activity you already use to help you unwind by candlelight. Perhaps you could read, write in your journal, or listen to calming music. You can even find eco-friendly candles to make the experience as green as possible.

5. Start a Garden

There’s a theme when it comes to green relaxation, spend some time outside. Many people find gardening to be a soothing pastime on its face, but there is another benefit to planting a garden. Plants help clean the air around you. Take it a step further by planting trees, which can shade your home and help you cut down on cooling costs.