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Frugal gardening tips for a small backyard

small backyard gardeningIf you enjoy gardening but have only a small backyard, do not despair for you can still come up with some great ways of making it bountiful. You can make your backyard come alive with a neat lawn, plants, vegetables and flowers. Apart from the beauty of the garden you will also benefit from growing your own vegetables for the kitchen. This will save you a lot of money in the long run, although the initial cost may strain your pocket a bit. Here are some frugal gardening tips which will help you to maintain a small backyard garden throughout the year.

Make your own compost

Start collecting all your kitchen waste items like coffee grounds, vegetable peelings, tea leaves and eggshells to make your own compost. If you have no space in the corner of your garden to make compost pile then bury the waste right inside the soil. This organic compost will enrich your soil and will save you a lot of money on readymade compost.

Trade with a neighbor

If you have excess seeds and seedlings, trade seeds and cuttings with neighbor. It takes a little longer to start a plant from seeds but works out cheaper in the process. Look out for seed sales and stock them up and grow them indoors before the gardening season. You need not buy expensive containers for the seeds as you can use recycled containers which you might have at home. If you are starting from scratch, then invest in heirloom seeds for the first year so you can harvest and keep your own seed supplies for the next season.

Invest wisely and look for bargains

Invest in perennial plants although they may initially cost more but will last for years, saving you time and money unlike the annual plants. Also, look out for bargain sales on mulch and potting soil which normally takes place in spring. There are also special discounts on torn mulch packaging which may already have lost some mulch. You lose very little if you take into account the amount of discount that is being offered for it. 

Making your own pesticides

Rather than spending a lot of money on readymade pesticides, you can make your own natural pesticides at home. These are not only cheaper but safer even for the plants, while effectively getting rid of the slugs and pests. Making your own pesticides with cinnamon, chili powder and sugar will get rid of the weeds while enriching your soil. The chili powder and the cinnamon keep the bugs at bay. Egg shells around the base of your plants will also keep the slugs away. 

Maintain your garden

Maintain your garden on a regular basis by weeding, mulching and keeping pests in check. This will ensure better growth for your plants and vegetables as they grow healthier when given good care. Spend at least a few hours every weekend tending to your garden and make sure that your plants are being well watered. 

Take care of your gardening tools

Apart from maintaining your garden, take good care of your gardening tools as well. Keep them clean after every use and store them away properly, so they are not left out in the open making them susceptible to rust and breakage.

Once you follow these frugal gardening tips, you will not only begin to enjoy tending to your garden but will make your small backyard garden thrive. It will not only provide you the daily requirements for your kitchen but will be a small retreat from the cares of daily life. 



If you have a friendly

If you have a friendly neighbourhood with people you like, you can always get them to help out with your garden. You could even share the fruits and vegetables that you grow in your garden. It is a great way to foster closer friendships and to create a communal spirit.

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