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Fruit Fly Traps

fruit fly traps

Thanks to my lackidasical efforts in emptying out our indoor compost bin, we have a bunch of fruit flies hanging around our kitchen.  Once you remove the source and anything else that might attract flies (no fruit in the fruit bowl for the time being!) it's time to trap those annoying suckers.  

Here's an easy, nontoxic way to rid your kitchen of those pests.  

Homemade Fruit Fly Traps

First, take an empty jar or cup.  Pour a sugary beverage inside.  Alcoholic beverages work well.  We usually use a little bit of beer, particularly homebrew because the bottom of the beer bottle tends to be yeasty which flies like.

Next, take some paper, and make a funnel-shape out of it, as pictured.  

Leave it on your counter.  The flies will go in there to drink the beer/wine/whatever, but they'll be unable to get out.  

Also, be sure to keep your kitchen drain clean.  Sometimes a buildup in there can attract fruit flies.  The Joy of Green Cleaning has an excellent recipe for cleaning your drain out without resorting to Draino.  

Good luck!!


*This was originally posted on K4G on June 30, 2011.