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Fun Fact Friday - The EPA

EPAToday, most environmental legislation comes from the Democrats, but not terribly long ago the efforts were bipartisan.  Did you know that it was actually Richard Nixon who formed the EPA?

Previously, other environmental policies were put in place.   Some early environmental legislation included the Water Pollution Control Act in 1948 and the Air Pollution Control Act of 1955.   Throughout the late 50s into the 60s, Congress took note of Americans increasing concerns about human impact and the environment.   In1970, Nixon consolidated the offices of the federal government's environmental responsibilities and that's when the EPA was born!

We encounter the work of the EPA on a daily basis.  When you turn on your air conditioner and see the Energy Star logo, that's the work of the EPA.   When you're car shopping and comparing fuel efficiency on, that data comes from the EPA.  When your drink your tap water, it's safe to drink because of the EPA.  

You can get involved through your regional office.  Learn more about the issues at!