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Fun Fact Friday - Upcycle Your Candy Wrappers

upcycle candy wrappersHappy Halloween!

Today's Fun Fact Friday is perfect for Halloween.  Tonight we'll be trick or treating, like lots of other families, and probably accumulating a lot of CANDY!   However, it creates a lot of waste and some people make the mistake of recycling candy wrappers.  Keen For Green's resident recycling expert Rob explained that he sees a lot of candy wrappers mixed in with recyclables on a regular basis.  He wrote:  "One, candy wrappers cannot be recycled in regular recycling programs and two, there is an amazing amount of waste created from enjoying candy bars, especially around Halloween."

Previously, TerraCycle had a candy wrapper recycling brigade, but that was discountinued.  Hopefully they bring it back soon, but until then, we'll have to find alternatives to recycling those candy wrappers.  

So, what can you do with all of these candy wrappers over the coming weeks?  Upcycle 'em!   Redesign Revolution has lots of cool ideas for upcycling candy wrappers.   There are super cool projects there, from picture frames to a vase.

Have a safe and happy HALLOWEEN!  And enjoy your weekend, too!