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Getting Knowledge is Green!

Faye Rogaski, Tyler and TrisitnFaye Rogaski, Tyler and Trisitn

Sometimes going green is about NOT accumulating more stuff that would end up in a landfill! How about experiencing something, or learning something new?

Well, that's what Tristin and Tyler did in this episode of Tristin and Tyler's Tales from the City! which you can check out below. In this episode, the boys head to socialsklz, a company dedicated to teaching kids the "tools to thrive in the modern world."  The boys learned everything from how to properly shake hands to proper phone and table manners.


Faye Rogaski, the founder of socialsklz, and her team did an amazing job of teaching the kids social skills in a way which allowed them to retain it.  It has been a while since they attended the course and they still know how to shake hands and introduce themselves properly. How cool is that? 

Faye and the boys!Faye and the boys!

Check out the episode, and make sure to play the memory game and see how many social skills tips and tricks you can remember!

What do you think about using experiences and education as a way to help the environment?