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Go Green For Mother's Day With Live Flowers

Green Mother's Day Cards

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there and those lucky ladies expecting a bundle of joy (like my lovely wife).  At this time of the year we give gifts to those women who not only made us but cared, groomed, loved, washed and raised us into the folks we are today.  But, let us not forget the big mother, Mother Earth, on this day either.  So, when you give those flowers today to a mother use live flowers instead of those cut.

The reason for this is simple, pollution.  Most flowers bought today in the United States were originally grown in foreign nations.  The most likely source is South America but some flowers can come from such distance lands as Israel, Thailand or Australia.  These flowers are usually full of petroleum and nitrogen based fertilizers to provide a quick burst growth.  This petroleum and nitrogen then usually goes into the rivers, streams and soil surrounding the nurseries.

At the same time, these plants must travel immense distances.  Usually going from their home nation to Germany or the Netherlands and then to the United States.  These great distances are covered by air travel, producing huge carbon emissions and contributing to global warming.

By buying local native plants on Mother's Day, you not only reduce the standard amount of fertilizers used on the plant but also the distance traveled.  Most native plants are grown in local nurseries, shortening the ride to market for plants.  This also helps contribute to the local economy in your area, providing another incentive.

Green Mother's Day Gift, Live Plants

So today, when you are showing your appreciation to your Mother also show a little appreciation to Mother Earth and buy local, native plants.  Both Mom's are sure to be happy.


Potted flowers make a great gift!

Especially if you get some perennials...then it's a gift that can be enjoyed year after year.

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all! Enjoy your sweet smelling, potted flowers, which won't die on your kitchen table before the week is over.

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