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Eco-Friendly School Supplies

Back to SchoolSummer’s about to end and you know what that means; it’s back-to-school time! Are you already excited for the first semester to start or completed buying everything in your back-to-school shopping list? If you haven’t yet, then why don’t you consider going green this school year by buying eco-friendly school supplies and show your concern to Mother Earth. Here are some popular eco-friendly school supplies in the internet that have been receiving awards and great reviews.

The Dream Collection Banana Paper Recycled Notebooks – is an 80-page eco-friendly recycled notebook made from post-consumer waste and banana fibers. A college notebook with a hard cover designed beautifully with water-based inks and has two pocket dividers. Plus, it was made acid-free and bleach-free.

Wheely Pens – are ball-point pens made from rubber tires and recycled plastics. These recycled pens are also refillable and imprintable and are available in black and blue colors.

NeoGreene Eco-Friendly Laptop Sleeves – these laptop sleeves were produced using 25% less petroleum and 25% less energy. With a cover design inspired by the bird-nest concept of the Olympic Stadium in Beijing, NeoGreene laptop sleeves are available in colors black, blue, violet and pink.

Earth-Friendly Crayon Rocks – is a coloring product made by Educator Barbara Lee DaBoll that’s becoming popular to kindergarten and grade school students. These Crayon Rocks are made from soybeans instead of petroleum-based wax.

ReUseIt Insulated Lunch Bag – is lead-free, PVC-free and made with 100% recycled insulation. The best part is it comes with a free reusable, non-toxic freezer pack with interior pocket, adjustable shoulder strap and Velcro closure.

English Retreads : Bentley Luxe Laptop Bag – is made from recycled rubber and PET lining material available in colors apple green, black, orange-red and scarlet. The Bentley Lux Laptop Bag stands out by having a lot of pockets that can fit different things such as your cellphone, iPod, notebooks, folders and water bottle.

Bento Buddies – what will a perfect lunch bag be without a perfect eco-friendly lunch box, Bento Buddies are completely free of materials like phthalates, lead and PVC. A reusable lunchbox that reduce the amount of waste from packing conventional lunches.

Recycled PET Backpack : Mandrill Backpack – is a made from post-consumer waste plastic bottles and was produced using less energy compare to typical backpacks made from polyester. It’s available in colors ocean blue, black and olive green.

Recycled Papers – School time is also a signal for printing dozen of documents from theses to complicated research papers. Why don’t you choose recycled papers the next time you decide to visit the shopping market? Who knows that decision may have just saved one tree from being cut down?

Remanufactured Printer Cartridges – Whether you’re a student who has a printer at home or a school’s admin in charge in your school’s supplies, remanufactured printer cartridges are the best alternative to save your budget. These remanufactured cartridges are made of used OEM cartridges, saving quarts of oil for future use. Another thing is that these printer cartridges cost less than OEM or branded cartridges.

Choosing eco-friendly stuffs for school this semester wouldn’t make any much difference on your everyday academic life but it can do something different and positive to our environment and preserve our resources for the future generations to come.


Erika Celario is a blogger who works for TonerGreen, promoting environment-concious printing with the use of recycled toner cartridges and printer supplies.