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Go Solar! - Individuals' Experience Going Solar


Solar Panels

While installing solar panels may seem like a great option to practice principles of sustainability AND reduce our energy costs, the idea can be a little daunting. How much does it cost? Can I afford it? How do I handle rebates? What rebates are available to me? How do I choose an installer? How long does installation take? How do solar panels work?

Walk through the process of solar installation with three people who have been there before.

  • Kevin S. of Alameda, California: His 100-year-old home is full of charm but completely lacked energy efficiency. After trying conventional ways of increasing efficiency without luck, it was time to install solar panels.
  • Mary S. of Oakland, California: After a decade of considering solar and watching to solar market, Mary and her husband turned to a trusted installer for photovoltaic solar installation. “It is thrilling to get the reduced monthly bills and to see (via computer) how much power is being produced at any point in the day from which panel.”
  • Belle G. of Los Altos Hills, California: When the time for solar was right for her family, she got 6 estimates. The actual installation of the large system only took about 2 days and the installer made the rebate process simple and easy.

Check back in a few weeks for more stories on peoples' experiences going solar. The Go Solar! series explores the process of "going solar," from deciding to install solar, choosing an installer, handling rebates, and energy and financial savings. If you are considering solar installation, you are in the right place.  Learn from others' successes and mistakes and determine if solar is right for your family.  

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