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Green Activist Tapped By Obama Administration

Van Jones of Obama Administration Green Czar

Van Jones, noted author and activist, was chosen by the Obama administration to be special advisor to the White House concerning "green" jobs, enterprise and innovation.  Jones will be a member of the President's Council on Environmental Controls.  This office coordinates and synchronizes various federal agencies to create a single coherent vision of renewable energy and environmental policies.

Van Jones has been an active member in the green environmental community for years. He is the founder of Green For All , a non-profit organization working to provide green jobs for the disadvantaged. Jones also authored the book "The Green Collar Economy: How One Solution Can Fix Our Two Biggest Problems", which argues that the focus of job creation in the new green sector should be the inner-city and rural areas. This focus will help alleviate much of the systemic unemployment and poverty plaguing the nation. In furtherance, of this goal he successfully lobbied Vice-President Biden to use the economic stimulus to create jobs in renewable technologies that cannot be outsourced.

Congratulations to Mr. Jones and read the full press release from the White House here.