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Green Bathroom


    Green Bathroom 


Many people profess to being “eco-friendly” but do they really practice what they preach? I mean recycling is nice but other than trying to take shorter showers what do you do on a daily basis that helps the planet? And almost as important, especially these days, what can you do that doesn’t cost allot of your own precious resource…money? The answer is a Hand Bidet Sprayer.

Green and Clean

With one of these you save dramatically on toilet paper use everyday. This not only helps the environment by cutting back the demand for toilet paper production, which uses tremendous amounts of water and chemicals, but it saves you money….everyday. You also have improved hygiene; clean and green.

How Green

Now you may think you are using more water this way but actually you are saving water by using a more efficient cleaning device and by cutting back the demand and therefore the production of toilet paper which wastes huge amounts of water. Many people will use the sink or shower to wash up with and a Hand Bidet Sprayer uses only as much water as you need and precisely where you need it. It even has health benefits with Hemorrhoids and Rectal Itch.

Why Don’t We Have these Now?

The simple reason is because historically we have had the best plumbing in the world and before people thought a bidet was just too much. The Hand Bidet Sprayer came along later in Asia because they could not flush wads of toilet paper down the pipes without clogging so they developed water washing to help with the situation. This later evolved into the Bidet Sprayer which they kept even when their plumbing improved to the point where now they can also flush toilet paper down the toilets, and they do, just allot less of it.

The Best of Both Worlds

So now you can have it all, which is what we like right? You can have your ultra soft toilet paper and not feel guilty because you are using so little of it now. You can help the environment. You can save money. You can be fresher and cleaner and save precious resources and you can even improve your heath.