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Green Book Clubs

There has been some discussion of using ‘Green” books like the kindle or using the local library.  I have another perspective and that is the green book club. I think discussion with others is a great way to expand your knowledge of topics.   To help people better understand or to just grow in appreciation for the environment I would suggest a book club.  Instead of discussing the most recent fiction best seller why don’t we concentrate on sharing the knowledge of the world around us with our friends and neighbors and talk about a real life issue?

Your club can start with general classics such as Silent Spring or Walden.  You can take it wherever you want from poetry to specific topics like tuna over-fishing in the book Tuna by Richard Ellis.  Remember though, use that e-reader device or borrow the book from a friend or the library.  Another option is to have an online book club where you can share your thoughts on a blog or even a Facebook page.  The possibilities are endless.

Though not a book club, another way to gain some knowledge is to attend local lectures by scientists, environmentalists, activists, etc.  I am sure your local museum or college has guest speakers all the time with most of the events being free.  You could even take your book club members to the lecture. 

 Want to gets the kids involved?  How about The Lorax by Dr. Seuss or if you want a little laugh with the older kids; try There is a Hair in My Dirt by Gary Larson?


What I like about your post

What I like about your post is it gets us thinking. You gave a number of suggestions I can take back to my typical book club to make us greener, even if the focus of our meetings isn't green itself. 

I also like the kiddo reading suggestions you gave. I'm always looking for good books to share with my nephew since there's so much JUNK out there for toddlers and young readers.

Thanks, Tim!

What a cool idea

I like the idea of combining socializing with green.  I think that people are more likely to be active about it if they do so along with a group of people.  

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