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Green careers and how to move forward

As the green economy is developing, whether you want to move your green career ahead, or focus on greening your current career, many green economy experts agree that now is the time to learn about different green industries and companies, to buBackground image from marketing news magazineBackground image from marketing news magazineild and strengthen your green network, and do your homework.

Researching and exploring several target industries are important, as the time invested and the learnings will allow you to better understand what you want and will also help with the next steps you need to take.

Planning ahead and defining what you want to accomplish to reach your green career goals will help you know what to do next and how to better manage your time in your job search.

When opportunities arise, such as a networking event or a meeting, a class or training sessions you could take, or acting on contact or a job lead – assess whether each occasion might help you move toward your goals and if it’s worth your time.

One way to build your green network is to get involved with a green community organization, usually a non-profit, where you won’t only make a difference and contribute to your community, but also will provide you with many learning opportunities of your chosen green sectors, as well as will enhance your quality green contacts. Find other people who share your enthusiasm in particular environmental areas.

In fact, many prospective employers I talk to are looking for potential candidates with a track record of environmental activism and other demonstrations of sincere green advocacy, as part of the applicant’s portfolio.

Being of service will also help you learn the lingo, find out more about the employers in your area, may bring you leads about green hiring, and inform you about the key people or companies in a specific industry (like Solar Photovoltaic, for example). Green activism will enable you access to events that might interest you, or help you advance your self-education and open your horizons. Volunteering may also boost your confidence and recognition.


Green Collar Economy

The author is right that green jobs are becoming increasingly important. Green jobs will be essential to developing a new and innovative economy that will spur growth across the country. There is a huge amount of information out there about the new green collar economy and the many companies who are taking advantage of this unique opportunity. The website has a directory of thousands of businesses who have embraced this market and who are creating jobs because of it. If we are to remain a global commerce leader, we must educate ourselves about and act upon the vast potential before us. This post really outlines the potential for growth that the green economy will bring to our young and growing workforce. At there are also a number of white papers that demonstrate the opportunity we have to create a green economy and case studies of those companies – large and small -- who are already moving toward this market. I encourage readers to take a look and learn more about this issue.

Green career resources

Another resource is Green-Careers-Examiner. Each article lists several Green job search sites, training, evebts, networking, and tips.

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