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Green Carpet Recap - Whole Foods Market, Newton, Massachusetts

Last Friday, Keen For Green was lucky to be a part of Whole Food's Market Green Carpet Event in Newton, Massachuetts.


 Whole Foods Market generously offered a $25 Whole Foods gift card as a raffle prize!  



There was a rain barrel making workshop.  For a $20 donation to Green Decade, a Whole Foods employee helped customers make a rain barrel.  Great deal -- and the barrel was recycled, too!


 Did you know that you can recycle wine corks at Whole Foods Market?


 A fantastic organization called Key For Hope collected keys for recycling.  The money from the keys goes towards food pantries. Keen For Green hopes to help run a key recycling drive for Key For Hope sometime in the near future!


 Feed Me Treats, a natural dog treat company based in Massachusetts, gave away samples of their treats, and the dogs loved 'em!


 A local urban farmer came with a few of her hens!


 The chickens were really popular with the little kids!


 I was there to represent Keen For Green!  I did the $25 gift card raffle and a trash sorting game with Mrs. Meyer's cleaning supplies as prizes.    I also gave away issues of Chop Chop Magazine, eco-themed coloring pages, and green living tip pages.

 Leslie Reichert, author of The Joy of Green Cleaning, was there to answer any green cleaning questions!

In addition to the tables outside, inside the store there were over 10 local and natural food vendors giving out delicious free samples!  There were potato pancakes, fish fillets, cakes, ice cream, vegan gluten-free cookies made by Bonnieville Cookies, lemon honey soda by Green Bee, Pirate's Booty, and more!  Amazingly delicious!


 Thanks to all who attended!   And a special thanks to Ava from Whole Foods who asked Keen For Green to be a part of the event.