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Green Cold Care Tips

Ahh, wintertime.  Holidays, snow, cookies...and COLDS.  Ugh!  I'm at the tail end of one right now, and it got me to thinking about different ways to treat my cold symptoms while being green as possible.

For a sore throat, I love good old fashioned hot tea with honey or some piping hot soup.  Today I had a bowl of udon soup for lunch and it felt great on my throat.   For sinus congestion, I also like something spicy!   As for tea, I love Traditional Medicine's Organic Throat Coat Tea.   Meanwhile, my husband swears by Gum Wall Cha.  Don't forget to compost the tea bags or leaves!

While I was Vicks Vaporub faithful for many years, I'm now a big fan of Broody Chick Sniffs and Snuffles.  Made with eucalyptus and beeswax, it's pretty much a natural alternative to Vicks Vaporub. When I get dry skin under my nose from blowing and wiping my nose so much, Broody Chick Wonderbalm (a non-petruoleum jelly Vaseline type product) works great.  Love these products for my son, too.  I also like using some fresh aloe under my nose.  

I tend to also get very chapped lips when I catch a cold.  Lately, I've been slathering on the Whole Foods Market 365 lip balm.

Taking a hot shower always helps, or just breathing in the steam from a pot of boiling water.  You can also throw some herbs in there.

A quick and medication-free way to alleviate a stuffy nose is nasal irrigation, commonly done with a neti pot.   The sensation is kinda weird, but the after-effect is often worth it.

I like throat lozenges and cough drops for when I have a cold.  Planet Green offers up a recipe for making your own cough drops.  If you're lazy (like me) I like Ricola.  (Ricooooollllla!!!)  

When I have a cold, I can't quite get on board with reusable handkerchiefs for blowing my nose.  I'm still a fan of the old school tissue.   But, did you know that you can compost used tissues?  According to BurbanMom, "...they make great brown matter (yeah, I know -- more like "green matter") and that the higher temps generated by the composting action will kill all the nasty germs."

So, compost that snotty Kleenex!  At least they're staying out of the landfills!

Last, but not least, just drink lots of water and rest, rest, rest.  A cold just needs to run its course.