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Green Company Profile: Boloco

Why it's Keen:

Tasty, reasonably priced burritos, wraps, salads, smoothies, shakes, and cookies.  Everything is delicious and they have free wifi.  They have locations throughout New England.  

Why it's Green:

Boloco is a certified green restaurant.  Their "plastic" cups are made of corn and are 100% compostable and their bowls are made of bamboo.  They use LED lighting, low-flow waterheads, and the tabletops and countertops are made from 50 to 100% post-consumer recycled paper and petroleum-free resin, called Paperstone.  

Their ingredients are great, too.  Organic tofu, antibiotic and hormone free meats, humanely raised steaks, and more.  Take a look at their menu.  I'm sure your mouth will water.  

Oh yeah, and I'm writing this from a Boloco location, using their free wifi.  I didn't come here set out to do a company profile on them, I just wanted to eat some lunch while working, but I just got so excited that I had to write it up.

Here's my lunch, a burrito with guacamole in a whole wheat wrap:  (and check out the corn cup)

Another yummy green Mexican restaurant in the Greater Boston area is Dorado Tacos & Cemitas in Brookline




Thanks so much for including us on your blog!  Happy to be doing enough things right to grab your attention, but please know that we're still a long way from being where we (and all restaurants) need to be to really make a difference.  We figure we'll just keep picking away at small opportunities to select better, fresher, more natural ingredients and materials in our restaurants, and eventually we'll get somewhere that has real impact :)

Make sure you get a boloco card next time you visit... and then register it at it gets you free stuff faster (not to mention we have original Sean Boyce artwork on the front of each card!)


John P.

CEO & Co-Founder

buzz @

Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your comment.  I will definitely get a bocolo card!  

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