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Green Company Profile: Zaum

Why they're Keen: 

Zaum was founded in 2003. Aside from offering interactive and graphic design services, they also sell handmade purses, wallets, laptop bags, and more.

They launched their eco line 3 years ago.  The founders of Zaum began to be more “green” in their daily lives, so it made perfect sense to incorporate it into their work.  They wanted to bring unique, fun, and vibrant products into the green fashion community. 

Zaum Purse 

Why they're Green: 

Their eco-friendly products use three different types of materials: printed organic cotton, solid colored organic cotton, and heavy wool felt. Both kinds of cotton are 100% organic and the printed cotton uses non-toxic pigments. 

Aside from their wonderful products, they also ship them using eco-friendly packaging. This particularly stood out to me, because many times I've ordered eco-friendly products online only to find it packaged with lots of plastic and styrofoam peanuts! Instead, Zaum uses packaging material such as OXO biodegradable bags, cornstarch peanuts, recycled kraft paper and recyclable cardboard boxes. 

While the prices for their eco-bags are higher than a purse you'd find at a local department store, it's well worth the price. They're unique, handmade, and truly eco-friendly.


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