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Green Cooling: How to Make Your AC System more Eco-Friendly

green coolingWhen it comes to owning an air conditioner, they are usually a luxury for most people. Air conditioners can keep either one room or an entire house cool depending on what type you use. If you use a window unit, it will keep just the one room it is in cool. However, if you are lucky enough to have a central air system, they can keep the whole house cool. The only problem is with either one is that they take up a lot of energy. There are things you can do to ensure your AC is as eco-friendly as it can get.

Use Fans

You can use fans along with an air conditioner. Place them in front of the air conditioner to circulate the air in the room. Using them alone may not be a good way to beat the summer heat but using them with the AC on 85 degrees can. This is a great way to use less energy and to keep every room in the house cool.

Increase the Temperature

Many people will not be cool if the temperature is set to only 80 degrees. However, if you increase the temperature a little at a time, each degree cooler will use 3% to 5% less energy. Also, when you are not home, either turn the AC off or turn it up. The only problem with turning it off is that it can be really hot once you walk in your door. Another way to go green with your AC is to invest in a programmable thermostat. This allows you set the temperature based on particular dates and timings. If you are, for example, coming back to an empty home at 7 in the evening, you can set the programmable thermostat to keep the room at a particular temperature when you arrive.

Don't Cool the Guest Bedroom

Don't cool the guest bedroom until you need to. Keeping the AC off in this room can use less energy. You don’t need it unless someone is using this room so make sure you have it turned off when not using it.

Keep Your AC Well Maintained

Keeping your unit well maintained is very important. Doing so will ensure that the AC system runs properly the whole season. Try to have it pre-checked before you start using it to ensure it works for the whole summer. You should also have the whole system checked regularly to ensure it keeps working right all season long.

Use Cool Home Features

Using the right roofing materials can ensure you use less of the air conditioner system. This is because having the right roofing materials can actually keep your home cool in the summer. If you need a new roof or a new paint job, choose cooler roof options. This will help ensure you go eco-friendly.

Check for Leaks

Checking for leaky air ducts is also important. If you have leaky air ducts you might end up using more air and it will be dirty air at that. Have someone come in and check the duct system for leaks to ensure everything is fine.


Thinking eco-friendly ways can help you use less energy when using your air conditioning system. This will not only help save the environment but it will also save you some major money in the long run on your energy bill.


Paul Soto is an energy consultant and is a little passionate about the earth. Given a bit of a chance, he will convince you on some of the numerous Green concepts he has in him mind. Paul works for AC companies like Hader HVAC to advise their clients of the need for going Green.